“I am dedicated to influencing a Canadian culture of kindness, courage, and inclusion.”

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Past – Born and raised in Halifax, NS, Koumbie has been passionate about the arts her entire life. As a dancer at The Maritime Conservatory and then at Halifax Dance, she reached the intensive training program level 3 before leaving to focus on the drama club at her school. There she played roles ranging from Juliet to Shylock and won the Castalia Award for excellence in performing arts. Koumbie spent a year in Montreal at Concordia University in the Theatre and Development program before leaving and moving to Toronto to pursue a career in the real world.

Present – Currently splitting her time between Halifax and Toronto, Koumbie has gone behind the camera and started directing. In 2015 she wrote and directed her first short film, Message Deleted, which premiered in Toronto at the ReelWorld Film Festival. In the last year Koumbie has directed two more short films, a feature film, and an episode of broadcast television that will air in 2017. In this same year she has been in reoccurring roles on the TV series Sex & Violence, Mr. D, and Studio Black! as well as a number of local short film projects.

Future – Koumbie has a number of projects in development with her filmmaking partner Taylor Olson, including a short film about an alien with depression and a webseries about road-tripping through Nova Scotia, and writing a feature version of their award winning short ‘Hustle & Heart’. She is also auditioning for film/tv projects that interest her.

Demo Reels


Sex & Violence


Project Title: Sex & Violence

Project Type: TV Series

Character: Reoccurring as ‘Aria’ Season 3

Promotional Page: outtv.ca/shows/sex-violence/

Mr. D


Project Title: Mr. D

Project Type: TV Series

Character: Reoccurring as ‘Sheila’ seasons 1-6

Full Episodes: www.cbc.ca/mrd/



Project Title: Aquateam

Project Type: TV Series

Character: Reoccurring season 1

Full Episodes: N/A

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/3598520




Hustle & Heart


Project Title: Hustle & Heart

Project Type: Short Film

Status: Completed

Director: Koumbie

Writer: Taylor Olson

Producer: Jake Ivany

Cinematogrsapher: Chelsea Comeau

Editor: Chris Fudge

Cast: Taylor Olson, Nathan Simmons, Adrian Bromfield.

Synopsis: Hunter makes the high school football team as the back-up quarterback but things get tense when hist first pass is aimed at the star.

Country: Canada

Ariyah & Tristan’s Inevitable Break-Up


Project Title: Ariyah & Tristan’s Inevitable Break-up

Project Type: Feature Film

Status: Completed

Director: Koumbie

Writer: Taylor Olson & Koumbie

Producer: Taylor Olson & Koumbie

Cinematographer: Paul McCurdy

Editor: Colin MacDonald

Cast: Taylor Olson & Koumbie

Synopsis: Ariyah, an ambitious young animator, reluctantly gets involved with a club photographer, Tristan. The film follows the couple as they struggle through the ups and downs of a modern romance and an unplanned pregnancy.

Country: Canada

King’s Cup

kings cup poster

Project Title: King’s Cup

Project Type: Feature Film

Status: In development

Director: Koumbie

Writer: Koumbie & Taylor Olson

Producer: Afro-Viking Pictures

Cinematographer: TBA

Editor: TBA

Cast: TBA

Synopsis: A group of friends returning from their first semester apart must say goodbye to the people they used to be and figure out what that means for their friendship.

Country: Canada


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